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Dear clients,
my coaching services are currently available as face-to-face sessions and also via video conference or telephone: #strongtogether

Phone +49 152 217 200 13

Please contact me to choose the setting that suits you best.

Robert Kales


In our fast-changing society and increasingly dynamic working environment, it is not always easy to focus on your goals and values.  Professionally and privately, there are new challenges and uncertainties every day.

Coaching helps to reflect, explore, and develop - to learn what is personally important and what is worth using your energy for. Because an increased awareness frees you up, makes you capable of acting and successful!

Start now to become the best and brightest version of yourself!

Do you ask yourself ...


"What is still possible in my career?

Is there potential for better use of resources or more self-effectiveness?"


"Am I really myself? - Am I authentic and do I live by my values? "

"Am I really happy? - Job and career are going well, but..."

To become active …

"Better deal with current challenges and uncertainties!"


"Communicate skillfully and represent your point of view with confidence!"


"To say - I'm OK the way I am!"

Free and authentic ...

"Taking responsibility - at work and in life!"


"Keeping life in balance
- Know your source of energy and deal with emotions!"


"Make your personal contribution - and strive for goals with strong commitment!

Working together opens up new ways of thinking and different perspectives. New, self-developed action alternatives and solutions are created - as well as an intensive connection to personal potentials.

My goal is to strengthen your self-confidence, authenticity and an agile mindset. Clear communication and decisive actions are the result.

My services are designed for individuals, teams and companies.


Let's arrange a first call and find out together how I can support you personally or with my network of experienced colleagues.


As a coach and mentor, I help people successfully master professional challenges, pursue their own goals and navigate through personal change processes.


I am always thrilled by the skills that individuals develop through targeted impulses in order to grow beyond themselves.


It drives me to support people and organizations in discovering and using their own potentials and thereby achieving more success, independence and satisfaction.

Robert Kales , Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by International Coach Federation (ICF)



CFO, Social Business, Brazil

Robert is not only a professinal coach, but also a personal coach. We had few coaching sessions and this was enough to change my perspecite on my career and life goals. Each session we explored different objectives, and his way of producing challenged me a lot to overcome my fears and constraints. It really made myselfe a better and wiser person.

Tax advisor, Munich

I really liked the coaching approach "own strengths". The joint development of my strengths that I have not yet discovered for myself and therefore could not use properly. I now appear more confident in my job and know my potential. I can deal with challenges in my job much better.

Senior project manager, Munich

I now know not only the roots of my dissatisfaction, but I also know myself much better.

I know what it is worth working on - knowledge that will surely be an advantage in my new job.

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